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I began last year wanting to write more. This is a part of why I built this little space for myself, but i need structure than mental notes to be able to get things done. I dont know how I tricked my brain on this one without allocating some space in my life for it. Welcome to my attempt at writing, I am hoping to improve the more I go at it till I get good. I will be writing about things that interest me, things I am generally thinking about or things I just want to note here.

Now to anime! I'm not surprised to be writing about anime before anything else but just like the blog, I got into anime again at the beginning of last year. "Again" because I had seen some shows here and there over the years with my first experience dating to 2010 with Death Note but never at the rate i have recently. To me, it was mind-blowing aside the long internal monologues that were sometimes jarring and took me out of my immersion, the premise was simple but the plot develops so well around it that it became a whole existential question, again mind-blowing. I would have been prime to immerse myself in the anime world but for access to it around my side of the world. I missed that wave.

Getting back into it was an interesting ride, going through really good shows like Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho, Howl's moving castle and Spirited Away (I consider it anime), I also went through some rough ones like 7 Deadly Sins where I just couldn't like main character (Meliodas) only to be given a promise of an explanation to his behaviour in future seasons by friends who were into it. And Tokyo Ghoul where nothing connects (some seasons arent cannon??) I loved and hated it. But also really bad ones like Record of Ragnarok (why was it made?).

The good shows made my expectations high for any anime I was recommended and I got into reading manga(comics adapted into anime) as well, usually just to know the whole story. Reading manga introduced me to some of the most beautiful stories I've ever been told, but there are times you find out the Mangaka(comic artist) was in such bad health that they were unable to complete the story then you are left with an unresolved plot and pain for the Mangaka.

I wanted to end this with a few more thoughts on anime but I think I should share those at other times. That said, I began a Note on my phone for the titles I’ve seen so far with an Arbitrary rating system that makes sense to me. I’d love to share that instead.

  • HunterxHunter = 9/10
  • Vinland Saga = 7/10 edit: I lied I love the season 2 🤣🤣🤣 FARMLAND SAGAAAA🥳 9/10
  • Promise Neverland = 8.5/10 edit: season 2 is not as good 5/10…
  • Record of ragnarok = 2/10
  • Cowboy bepop = IC
  • Odd Taxi = 8.5
  • Darker than black = 8/10 this show has left an empty feeling in my heart
  • Chainsaw man 🪚🪚🪚🪚🪚 😮‍💨🔥 9/10
  • Psycho pass = 9/10 🤍🖤
  • Spy family = 8.5/10
  • JJK S2 (E1-E5) = 9.5/10
  • Tokyo Revengers = IC
  • Bleach=IC
  • Heavenly delusion=8/10

Pasted as-is from my notes app in ascending order of recency.

From here I would love to explore more genres and end my shounen run with Berserk. The next genre will be fantasy or romance, will update.